Antequera is a 5th class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 13,758 people in 2,801 households.

Antequera is an interior town located 19 kilometers from Tagbilaran City and lying northeast of Maribojoc. It used to be a barrio of Maribojoc before it became a municipality. A Spanish official gave it its name after his birthplace, Antequera, a city in Spain. Simeon Villas, one of the early settlers of the place became its first gobernadorcillo. As a barrio, Antequera used to be called Agad.

Antequera is well known for its native basketware. Every Sunday morning, you can visit the market of native products. After your visit to the market, it is a small walk down to the Mag-Aso falls for a refreshing dip in one of Bohol’s famous falls. The town is further known for its many caves.

Antequera at a glance
Population: 13758
Number of households: 2801
Land area: 8205 ha
Number of barangays: 21
Distance from Tagbilaran: 19 km
Barangay Population Households
Angilan 1030 196
Bantolinao 1210 250
Bicahan 757 153
Bitaugan 503 106
Bungahan 719 122
Canlaas 743 148
Can-omay 408 83
Cansibuan 551 133
Celing 637 136
Danao 445 94
Danicop 494 113
Mag-aso 429 87
Poblacion 1561 289
Quinapon-an 226 52
Santo Rosario 466 78
Tabuan 510 111
Tagubaas 374 74
Tupas 923 184
Ubojan 465 111
Viga 550 114
Villa Aurora (Canoc-oc) 757 167

(Based on figures from the census of 2000)


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