Philippine Airlines Bohol

Philippine Airlines
Address: Carlos P. Garcia Ave. 38, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
Phone: +63 38 411 3102; +63 38 411 4226Philippine Airlines Bohol
Phone: +63 38 411 2232

Philippine Airlines

PAL flies from Manila to to Tagbilaran and vice-versa. Flight Info: 855-9999. Reservations: 855-8888. Website: One-way fares start at about 3,300 pesos (including insurance).

Flight Nr. Frequency From Departure To Arrival
PR 173 Daily Manila [MNL] 05:30 Tagbilaran [TAG] 06:50
PR 175 Daily Manila [MNL] 08:50 Tagbilaran [TAG] 10:10
PR 177 Daily Manila [MNL] 15:00 Tagbilaran [TAG] 16:25
PR 174 Daily Tagbilaran [TAG] 07:20 Manila [MNL] 08:25
PR 176 Daily Tagbilaran [TAG] 10:40 Manila [MNL] 12:00
PR 178 Daily Tagbilaran [TAG] 16:55 Manila [MNL] 18:15

The PAL schedules change often. For daily flight schedules please check out their website.


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