Bohol in Google Map

Bohol Island

Province of Bohol is located in Central Visayas, about 70 kilometers southeast of Mactan Island. Lying southeast across the Cebu Strait (referred to by some as the Bohol Strait) and southwest from Leyte Island, it is separated by the Camotes Sea and Canigao Channel.

Bohol is also located north of Mindanao with Bohol Sea between them. It is about 700 kilometers south of Manila and about 70 kilometers southeast of Mactan Island. With a land area of 4,117.26 km² or 1,608 sq. miles and a coastline 390 km long, Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines.

With a topography which is oval in shape, Bohol land structure is mostly of gentle rolling hills in the eastern coast then rises to a plateau high in the central section where the famed Chocolate Hills exist.

There is only one city and 47 towns; 31 are along the coast, including Tagbilaran City and 17 are located inland.

There are 1,113 barangays and 75 islands and islets. The largest island is Panglao which comprises the town of Dauis and Panglao and faces Tagbilaran City in the southwest. Lapinig, in the northeast, is the second biggest island which was formerly a progressive barrio of Ubay.


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